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Today I’m telling you some exciting solutions to deal with stress.

Compare the common thing now.Among an entrepreneur setting up a maiden venture, the accountant at year-end closing, a housewife taking care ageing parents and growing children? They all complain about being ‘stressed out’.
When our cave-person ancestors had faced with a dire situation, it was stress that gave them the presence of mind for fight or flight. Today, the rigorous of office, home and city life have made stress maladaptive. And obviously these are work related stress. “A little bit of stress helps you prepare for a presentation, but too much hampers productivity. Stress can be a symptom as well as a trigger of a condition such as depression,” says Nitika Gupta, psychologist, Mpower, based in Mumbai.
To deal with all this stress effectively and daily, the odd holiday during the course of a year and leisurely weekend lunches aren’t enough. We need daily solutions. Here they are.
A cute beginning

Yoga Intro
Yoga Intro

Yoga and breathing exercises have recognised as morning activities that bring joy to many, especially if the rigours of the gym or a run are not for you.
“I have been an extremely anxious person for as long as I can remember,” says Delhi-based Mridhu Malhotra. Her full-time consulting job and a two-year-old at home ensure she has no break at all. A few years ago, she began chanting for 45 minutes in the morning.
“It is changing my life. I repeat the chants at night when I bum out absolutely,” she says. Listening to a soothing podcast when spending a considerable amount of time travelling from home to office. And back again relaxes the mind and takes the attention away from traffic that’s going nowhere.
Get Relieved At Mid-Day

If you want to eliminate unnecessary stress always set a small realistic goal and try to achieve his. This will bring better luck and quality life for you. You can also use mobile applications such as Calm or Head space. This offer two-to-three-minute calming exercises that can be easily integrated in the middle of a working day. “Learning how to say ‘no’ in professional as well as personal life is critical to ensuring you don’t stress yourself out. It is a common but untrue misgiving that you will then be perceived as rude or inefficient by doing so,” adds Gupta.
Calm At Night

Always look for the quality not the quantity. For example sitting in one place and reading book for so long is exhausting than doing yoga or playing tennis. Peeyoosh Keshava, a business consulting manager at an MNC, has high stress levels and odd work hours. He says, “Talking about my problems with anyone is sometimes more stressful. I like to spend time in front of the aquarium. Sitting aimlessly to simply admire the fish, or feed them and clean the tank — it is all very relaxing.”
Only you can give you a sound sleep by routing your next day schedule and make your mind free from all worries.
So the above points are the exciting solutions to deal with stress.

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