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10 Importance Of Drinking Water

10 Importance Of Drinking Water

There are many advantages of drinking water. Keeping hydrated is beneficial for health and it is the main importance of drinking water. But many people do not use good water to drink so they don’t know the importance of drinking water. Now, around 60% of our body is covered up by water. So, there are so many importance of water. But to drink more water or plenty of water is not in the priority list of many people. Now I am going to provide you 10 Importance Of Drinking Water.

Crucial points on importance of drinking water:

1.Our blood consists of 90% water and adult peoples are of 60% water.

2.There is no universally accepted quantity of water to drink in a day.

3.If you use enough good water to drink everyday, it will take care of your kidney and other bodily functions.

4.Without enough water consumption, dehydration may occur and that may leads to skin disorders and wrinkling.

5.Instead of cold drinks, drinking water can help with weight loss.

10 importance of drinking water:
10 importance of water is describing below.
1.Acts as a lubricants in joints: Joints and the disks of the spine contain cartilage that contains 80% of water. If a person has a long history of dehydration, his/her joints shock absorbing ability may reduce. and that leads to joints pain.

2.Formation of saliva and mucus: Digestion process of food occurs due to saliva and it keeps our nose, eyes and mouth jelly.And this restricts from damage as well as friction.Water consumption also keeps the mouth clean.It also reduces tooth decay.
3.Brings oxygen throughout the body: Our blood consists of more than 90% of water. And blood carries oxygen throughout the body.
4.Increases skin health and beauty: With the help of dehydration , the chances of skin disorders and premature wrinkling increase.

5.Shields the brain, spinal cords etc: Dehydration affects the production of hormones, brain structures. And finally long time dehydration may lead to change in thinking.
6.Manages body temperature: Water is stored in the skin layer and sweat occurs when body heats up. In that way our body become cool.

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