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Kakoli Furniture Meme Real Facts: Dame Kom Mane Bhalo Kakoli Furniture

Kakoli Furniture Meme Real Facts: Dame Kom Mane Bhalo Kakoli Furniture

Now people are devastated due to the 2nd wave of the pandemic. In addition, CBI arrests four heavyweight leaders from WB in Naroda case. In the meantime, Kakoli Furniture goes viral on social media like Facebook. Initially, Gazipur based Bangladeshi furniture store company named ‘Kakoli Furniture’ produces a video advertisement showing two girl kids chanting “Dame Kom Mane Bhalo Kakoli Furniture”(দামে কম মানে ভালো কাকলি ফার্নিচার). And people of West Bengal, India starts sharing this on Facebook walls and writing the keyphrase and it goes viral.

What is Kakoli Furniture, Wiki ?

Kakoli Furniture is a furniture production company in Gazipur, Bangladesh. After making a promotional video of two kids swinging and jumping on chairs and saying “Dame Kom Mane Valo Kakoli Furniture”, People from WB starts sharing and it goes viral. (Kakoli Furniture original video, News, roasting)

Kakoli Furniture Viral Video

The trending video of Kakoli Furniture is one of their advertisement. In the ad, two kid girls with mask are seen. Firstly, two are jumping and reciting “Dame Kom Mane Bhalo Kakoli Furniture.” In the next, two kids are swinging on different types of easy chairs and reciting the same. And people loves that.

Kakoli Furniture Meme

Now, as Kakoli Furniture goes viral News, memers start creating Kakoli Meme. They use the big names like Ranbir SIngh, Sunny Leone, Mr. Bean. One of the video, Ranbir Singh is seen as examining the strength of the wooden table. In another video, a man is saying,”In earlier my Bed (Khat) breaks after one night spend but after using Kakoli Furniture, it is like forever.” Also a group of girls reciting,:ভেঙে যাবে হাড় তাও ভাঙবেনা ফার্নিচার। এ যে মারাত্মক হাতিয়ার, দামে কম মানে ভালো কাকলি ফার্নিচার” (Your bone may break but Kakoli Furniture is lasting like eternity)

Kakoli Virus

People finds some sort of entertainment after seeing Kakoli Furniture. So, they forget about Corona Virus at least for some time. So, People addresses this as Kakoli Virus. And everybody is sick of this enjoyment.

dame kom mane bhalo kakoli furniture real facts meme
Dame Kom Mane Bhalo Kakoli Furniture – Meme Real Facts

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