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How to Create an Account With Opera news hub And Earn Money

Due to corona pandemic, many peoples from the world have lost their job. Actually, the world economy collapses. But you have a great news. You can earn even in this serious situation. Yes, with the help of Opera news hub, you can easily earn handsome amount of money. Let me tell you details about this. In this article I am going to tell you the details about how to sign up and create an account and register for Opera news hub. Also I am going to tell you, how to get approved for Opera news hub and earn money

Why you should register for Opera news hub ?

I am going to tell you this. There are three things and for this you should join Opera news hub.

1.Most of the people are wasting so much time on social media. When you are on social media like Facebook, you are making money for Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg.

2.When you are reading an article on Opera news hub, you are actually giving some money for the the creators. In a simple word, you are buying a cup of coffee for them.

3.Now in this hard situation, you are wasting your precious time and you are actually feeling bored at home. So, if you can earn some cash by working from home then why not ? Obviously you can do it as a part time.

Let’s talk how how Opera news hub works ?

In simple word, it is a micro blogging platform. Through this platform Opera authorities are connecting content creators and those who have a good thinking from a white range of interest categories. In addition, Opera newshub authority has an active audience of over 163 million users. So, the audience will engage with their contents and so you can earn revenue. Also, your content gets more exposure.

Before going to the signing up procedure let me tell you one last thing about Opera news hub. Recently, Opera news is only available for six countries in in Africa territory. The name of the countries are Nigeria, South Africa, Côte d’ivoire, Kenya, Egypt and Ghana. Sorry Indian guys. The Opera news hub is not available for those who lives in India right now. Now let’s talk about how to to create an account in Opera news hub.

Now how to register for Opera news hub ?

Obviously you can go to, and sign up or login. But before signing up, firstly, now let me take you through the procedure of how to sign up for Opera news hub.

1. Go to, You will see two options. You can create your account with the help of Facebook for Gmail account. If you already have a Facebook ID then just login. Follow the screenshot I have given below.

how to login opera news hub with your facebook account
How to login opera news hub with your facebook account

2.If you have no Facebook account, then you can easily create one. You just need to put 5 things- your first and last name, your mobile number, password, your date of birth and and your gender. After writing all the above information, press the sign up button. I have given a screenshot below about this. This will be much easier to you after following the screenshot.

how to create a facebook account for opera news hub
How to create a facebook account for opera news hub

3.Then you need to confirm your login information. Here you need to upload a photo and your wemedia information. Now I bet you have a question about wemedia in your mind. Just see the screenshot given below and I am going to tell you about wemedia in 4th step.

how to confirm your login info to sign up for opera news hub
How to confirm your login info to sign up for opera news hub

4.Wemedia actually the details about you blog. Here you need to put 4 things.

A. Firstly, you need to write your wemedia name. This name will represent your blog username. Here the words limits are 30.

B.The next thing is you need to choose your category. There are wide range of categories. I am going to tell some of them. Some of these categories are: politics and policy, public safety, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, relationship and parenting, health and fitness etc. Choose one category you need to write about.

C. Then upload one of your photo (head portrait).

D. Then, briefly tell about yourself. Actually you need to write some of your passion etc here. I am also attaching a screenshot to to make you understood far better.

complete your wemedia information for signing up in opera news hub
Complete your wemedia information for signing up in opera news hub

5. Here you need to write your personal information. And the information you have written will represent yourself. You need to write your legal first name, last name, your national identification number (NiN), the name of your country, your email id and your phone number. In case of national identification number you have four options. You can select national ID card, international passport, driving licence or voter ID card. Here also I am attaching screenshot to make you understood better.

how to complete your personal information for signing up for opera news hub
how to complete your personal information for signing up for opera news hub

6.You have done all the steps. Now you can see your dashboard. You can create articles after Opera newshub authority has approved your account application. Here you will see content library. You can easily check all your articles and how they are performing. You will see an account tab. Just check your personal information and set up your favourite method to get paid.

What are the rules and regulations to get approved on Opera news hub As A Creator ?

You need to follow the rules described below to get approved on Opera news.Your account name, Avatar (picture or logo ) should be clear and description should be positive.

1.Do not describe anything about divisive, pornography, violence or any other illegal activities.

2.Do not mention anything that can attack, insult or slander any person.

3.Your account name, Avatar and description should not infringe any intellectual property rights and portrait rights of other people.

4.Your account name otter shall not contain Opera. If you do this, users will misunderstand as a official account of Opera news hub.

5.Your basic informations should not violet the laws and regulations of the Opera platform.

I hope you enjoy my article. Now don’t waste any more time and sign up for Opera news hub.

If you have further questions about, account registration, feel free to contact with the opera staff online by the below options.

Email Address : [email protected]

whatsapp: +2348160188874

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