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Top 10 Longest Rivers In The World

In river , water is flowing naturally from valley, mountain etc to lake, sea or a different river. In this composition, I am delivering you the top 10 rivers in the world along with their location and length which is very useful for sarkari job. So, let’s see list of top 10 longest rivers in the world.

Actually, largest river in the world is very important GK for sarkari exam. Now, let’s read the top 10 largest rivers in the world.

10. Lena River

Country: Russia

Length(km): 4,294


9. Amur-Argun River

Country: Russia, China, Mongolia

Length(km): 4,444

Length(miles): 2763

8.Congo-Chambeshi River

Country: Central Africa

Length(km): 4,700

Length(miles): 2922

7.Ob-Irtysh River

Country: Russia,Kazakhstan,
China, Mongolia

Length(km): 5,410

Length(miles): 3364

6. Yellow River

Country: China

Length(km) : 5,464

Length(miles): 3398

5.Yenisei-Angara- Selenga River

Country: Russia,Mongolia

Length(km) : 5,539

Length(miles): 3445

4.Mississippi-Missouri River

Country: USA

Length(km) : 6,275

Length(miles): 3902

3.Yangtze River

Country: China

Length(km) : 6300

Length(miles): 3917

2.Amazon River

Country: South America

Length(km) : 6,853

Length(miles): 4258.2568

1.Nile River

Country: North East Africa

Length(km) : 6,992

Length(miles): 4344.6274

Top 10 Largest Rivers In The World

River’s NameCountrykmMiles
1.Nile River North East Africa 6,9924344.6274
2.Amazon River South America 6,8534258.2568
3.Yangtze River China63003917
4.Mississippi-Missouri River USA6,2753902
5.Yenisei-Angara- Selenga River Russia,Mongolia5,5393445
6.Yellow River China 5,4643398
7.Ob-Irtysh River Russia,Kazakhstan,
China, Mongolia
8.Congo-Chambeshi River Central Africa4,7002922
9.Amur-Argun River Russia, China, Mongolia4,4442763
10.Lena River Russia4,2942736

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