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How This Girl Lost 51 Kilos In Just 6 Months And Became A Model

It’s a jaw dropping weight loss story. Let’s go to the facts. If you wanna lose weight it is not a easy job but it is very hard to bear the comment from people on your size and shape. Here, same thing occurred with a 22 year old girl Joanna Joseph from Malaysia who constantly fought with her body since childhood. With a effort from her heart and soul, not only she lost 51 kg weight in just 6 months but also became a model. Let’s go through her story.

Model Name: Joanna Joseph
Occupation: Student/Model/Actress
Age: 22 years
Height: 180 cms
Highest weight recorded: 104 kgs
Weight Lost: 51 Kgs
Duration for losing weight: 6 months

Turning Point Of Her life: “As I was overweight, my family and friends criticise me.Then my age was only 15 but I took the hatred from people and wanted to change my lifestyle.So, from then, I started to maintain a healthy routine and begun exercising daily.”

Joanna Joseph breakfast routine:
1 – A cup of orange juice
2 – some fruits
3 – Two slices of wholemeal bread with

Before and after the transformation of model Joanna Joseph
Before and after the transformation of model Joanna Joseph

My Lunch: Some brown rice with healthy side dishes like steamed chicken, fish, eggs, tofu, and salad.
My Dinner: “I take my dinner by 7 pm. I generally take one chapati with some curry and vegetables. And I always drink a cup of green tea with my dinner.”
Pre-workout Meal: Steamed vegetables with chicken and fish.
Post-workout Meal: Something light with a cup of green Tea.

My Plan: “Frozen yoghurt is my favourite food, also love cakes and pasta.Actually, I eat everything without anything in mind because I will makeup this with extra workout.”

Joanna Joseph Workout Routine: “Actually I have worked out at home to lose extra weight.”

“1.Firstly I bought two dumbbells from the market of 5 kilos each and a gym mat. 2.Then, I downloaded a workout apps in my phone and followed their sets, timings, rules. 3.I, also did jogging for two hours daily in the evening.”

My Fitness Secrets: To give your body enough time to digest your food, take your dinner before 7 pm.In addition, green tea will make your metabolism faster. To keep yourself hydrated, drink enough water.

My Motivation: “All the criticism from my family, friends and other peoples. I always want to make myself better than past.

How you can say you can’t lose your goal?: It’s all about will power. We humans are lazy in nature, so, it is easy for us to get side tracked. So, you need to be strong willed person to get whatever you want in life.”

What Shape is your AIM after 10 years: I want to make myself more ad more healthy after 10 years.

Your Lowest Point: “Everyone bullied me and even someone suggested me to take drugs to lose weight. And its really frustrating. But my dad always supports me and tells me to continue my life.”

Moral Of the Story: “You can achieve everything if you put your heart and soul in it. The joy of hard working is wonderful. Never give up your hope and hard work until you achieve your goal.”

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