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Six Singing Women (2023 Movie) Cast, Story, Trailer, Release Date, Review

Six Singing Women (2023 Movie) Cast, Story, Trailer, Release Date, Review

Six Singing Women (2023 Japanese Movie) is an upcoming drama on OTT platform. Six Singing Women trailer is already premiered on YouTube Channel and on their official website. Six Singing Women Release Date is in October 27, 2023. Famous actor Yutaka Takenouchi will lead this Movie. Friends, read this post till last to know Six Singing Women Cast, Actor, Actress, Story, Release Date, Wiki, Wikipedia etc. Cast of Utau Rokunin no Onna Movie in 2023 are here. Index of Six Singing Women Movie. (唄う六人の女 #UtauRokuninnoOnna #SixSingingWomen)

Six Singing Women (2023) Cast (Actor / Actress Name)Role / Character / Act As
Yutaka TakenouchiKayajima
Takayuki YamadaUwajima
Asami MizukawaTBA
Aoi YamadaTBA
Misaki HattoriTBA
Minori HagiwaraTBA
Rena TakedaTBA

Six Singing Women Movie Story (Synopsis): Kayajima and Uwajima’s car breaks down, so they land into a strange and amazing village. Now, the two men have opposite personalities. They crosses path with 6 beautiful but weird women in the village. These six women imprison Kayajima and Uwajima. And the girls start treating the two men in the most unpleasant way.

Six Singing Women (2023) Review: Six Singing Women 2023 Movie review, Six Singing Women Rating. Six Singing Women IMDb rating will be written soon. Six Singing Women Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Movie NameSix Singing Women (唄う六人の女)
RomajiUtau Rokunin no Onna
GenreCrime Thriller
Director NameYoshimasa Ishibashi
WriterYoshimasa Ishibashi
Release DateOctober 27, 2023
Producer NameChikara Ito, Maki Uemura, Kazumi Ohashi, Keiko Shimokyo
Production CompanyTBA
Filming LocationJapan

How To Watch Six Singing Women Online: To watch Six Singing Women Movie, you must visit the nearest theatre or subscribe to OTT platform. After the subscription, you can watch and Download Six Singing Women for free.

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