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Ai ni Inazuma (2023 Movie) Cast, Story, Trailer, Release Date, Review

Ai ni Inazuma (2023 Movie) Cast, Story, Trailer, Release Date, Review

Ai ni Inazuma (2023 Japanese Movie) is an upcoming thriller drama on Tokyo Theatres OTT platform. Ai ni Inazuma trailer is already premiered on Tokyo Theatres YouTube Channel and on their official website. Ai ni Inazuma Release Date is in October 27, 2023. Cute actress Mayu Matsuoka will lead this Movie. Friends, read this post till last to know Ai ni Inazuma Cast, Actor, Actress, Story, Release Date, Wiki, Wikipedia etc. Cast of Ai ni Inazuma Movie in 2023 are here. Index of Ai ni Inazuma Movie. (愛にイナズマ #AiniInazuma #TokyoTheatres)

Ai ni Inazuma (2023) Cast (Actor / Actress Name)Role / Character / Act As
Mayu MatsuokaHanako Orimura (Aspiring director, 26 years old)
Masataka KubotaMasao Date
Koichi SatoOsamu Orimura
Sosuke IkematsuSeiichi Orimura
Ryuya WakabaYuji Orimura
Shingo TsurumiTBA
Hideo NakanoTBA
Masuoka TohruTBA
Yukiya KitamuraTBA

Ai ni Inazuma Movie Story (Synopsis): From her early days, Hanako Orimura wishes to be a film director. Currently, at the age of 26 years, she is going to mark her name as a move maker. And at the same time, she sees Masao Date and falls in love with him, spends a infinite number of happy moments with each other. Suddenly, a corrupted producer cheats with her and so, her dreams shatters. Now, our hero Masao comes into picture and inspires her to start afresh again.

Ai ni Inazuma (Shochiku) Review: Ai ni Inazuma 2023 Movie review, Ai ni Inazuma Shochiku Rating. Ai ni Inazuma IMDb rating will be written soon. Ai ni Inazuma Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Movie NameAi ni Inazuma (愛にイナズマ)
GenreRomance, Comedy
Director NameYuya Ishii
WriterYuya Ishii
Release DateOctober 27, 2023
Producer NameNaoaki Kitajima, Takuro Nagai, Yusaku Nakajima
Production CompanyTokyo Theatres
Filming LocationJapan
PlatformTokyo Theatres

How To Watch Ai ni Inazuma Online: To watch Ai ni Inazuma Movie, you must visit the nearest theatre or subscribe to Tokyo Theatres OTT platform. After the subscription, you can watch and Download Ai ni Inazuma Movie for free.

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