Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Fake Currency From ATM-What To Do?

Our lifestyle has changed rapidly with the help of technology. We can not live our daily life without technology. We can do everything in internet now, from paying electricity bills to buying foods. Even,for getting money in an emergency situation, we need an ATM. But if you get fake currency from ATM, then what will you do?

Readers to the three things below when you get fake currency from ATM.
1.At first, show the note in front of the CCTV camera of the ATM counter. And that proves you have withdrawn money from that particular ATM.

2.Then keep the slip which come out from the ATM with care. If you don’t get any slip, then don’t delete the message of transaction in your mobile. Keep the message.

3.Finally,go to your bank.It will take time to change the fake currency.But don’t get impatient.
Contact with bank, as soon as possible.Because if you will be caught later, you can get punishment. To read in bengali, click here.

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