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Badal Shesher Pakhi (Sun Bangla) Cast, Story, Release Date, TRP and More

Badal Shesher Pakhi (Sun Bangla) Cast, Story, Release Date, TRP and More

Badal Shesher Pakhi Serial is an upcoming serial in Sun Bangla TV channel. New Bangla Serial Badal Shesher Pakhi will be released on 2023. Badal Shesher Pakhi promo is already shown on Sun Bangla TV channel and Sun Bangla YT channel. Bengal damsel Shreshtha Pramanik will be in the main role in this TV Show. To know Badal Shesher Pakhi Serial actor actress, story, release date, trp ratings please read this post till last. Badol Shesher Pakhi Sun Bangla Serial details. (বাদল শেষের পাখি সিরিয়াল সান বাংলা – #BadalShesherPakhi #SunBangla #banglaserial #বাদলশেষেরপাখি)

Badal Shesher Pakhi Serial Cast (Actor/Actress Name)Role/Character/Act As
Shreshtha PramanikPakhi
Sushmit MukherjeeMohit Mukherjee

Badal Shesher Pakhi Story or Synopsis: Hero Mohit Mukherjee lost his way in the jungle. Suddenly, he heard a girl shouting, “Help me! Help me!” He approached according to the sound and saw that a beautiful girl was bound to a rope. He released the girl but the girl did not say anything and started her cycle riding. Finally, our hero realized that the girl named Pakhi showed him the path he lost. Finally, Pakhi became the winner of the cycle riding and guest Mohit babu gave her the prize.

Badal Shesher Pakhi Promo, Trailer, Teaser: Watch Badal Shesher Pakhi serial trailer on Sun Bangla You Tube Channel or TV channel. Badal Shesher Pakhi teaser. Badal Shesher Pakhi serial promo.

Serial NameBadal Shesher Pakhi (বাদল শেষের পাখি সিরিয়াল)
GenreSoap Opera
Director NameTBA
Music DirectorTBA
Release Date2023
Show TimeTBA
Channel NameSun Bangla
Producer NameTBA
Production CompanyTBA
OTT PlatformSun NXT

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