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Top 3 Cristiano Ronaldo Records Which Are Nearly Impossible To Break

This article focuses on a list of 3 records by Cristiano Ronaldo which are nearly impossible to break.

No doubt Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest football players of all time.He, the Real Madrid superstar has spent an eye-catching last year,got redundant titles.We observed that he carried his trophy haul at Madrid to 3 Champion leagues,3 Club World Cups, 2 La Liga title, 2 Copa Del Rey and 2 Spanish Super Cup.

He(forward) is also the main goal scorer of Reals’ all time history.In addition,he holds the Ballon d’Or.Actually, he is a creator and breaker of footballing records on a daily basis.

The icon has a number of wonderful records to his name but all of them are not unbeatable.However,he creates some impressive records which are more or less impossible to break.

#3 Scored 300 Goals In La Liga Off Just 286 Matches

From the joining of Real Madrid, CR7 scored at a rate of 1.05 goals per match.The statement means he scored at a rate of more than one goals in a match.He kicked 300 goals in just 286 La Liga matches.

Again, CR7 has a record of reaching fastest 100 goals and 200 goals in La Liga history.Obviously, this record is unbelievable.Now,his foot is at 33 though he has no sign of slowing down.

#2 Kicked 50 goals for 6 Successive Seasons in a Top League

For 6 successive seasons in La Liga,Ronaldo strikes 50+ goal and this is the most commendable records.On the other hand,for 3 successive seasons, Messi has only managed to do it.So, this record seems ‘not worth questioning’ to break in future.

Let’s take a look where Ronaldo scored 50+ goals for 6 successive seasons.


#1 Achieved All Individual And Team honour At Two Clubs

Ronaldo achieved the Ballon d’Or, Golden Boot, Champions League, World Player of the year,Domestic League, Domestic Cup, World Club Championship, and Domestic Super Cup at two different clubs(Real Madrid and Manchester United).

No player is able to do this till now and it seems there is very less chance to do it.Considering, Lionel Messi has won this only at Barcelona.

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