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Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo Serial (Aakash Aath) Wiki, Cast, Story, Release Date

Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo Serial (Aakash Aath) Wiki, Cast, Story, Release Date

Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo serial (Tomae Hrid Majhare Rakhibo serial) is an upcoming serial in Aakash Aath (Akash Aath) TV channel. This soap opera revolves around a triangle love story.. This Bangla Serial Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo release date is 6 June, 2022. Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo Promo is already shown on Aakash Aath TV channel and YT channel. Popular star Parthibo Banerjee will lead this show. To know Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo New Serial actor actress, release date, please read this post till last. Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo Serial Wikipedia. (তোমায় হৃদ মাঝারে রাখবো সিরিয়াল আকাশ আট – পার্থিব ব্যানার্জি, প্রিয়ন্তিকা কর্মকার, কথা চক্রবর্তী #PriyantikaKarmakar #KathaChakraborty #TomayHridmajhareRakhbo #AakashAath)

Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo Serial Cast: Two actresses shall be seen in this drama. Actress Priyantika Karmakar, Katha Chakraborty shall act in this serial. In earlier, actress Priyantika Karmakar performs in mega serial like ‘Dhrubotara’, ‘Sanjher Bati’ serial . And actress Katha Chakraborty (Kotha Chakraborty) performs as Aradhya’s sister in ‘Tekka Raja Badsha’ serial. Actor Parthibo Banerjee will act as hero in this drama. Previously, he performs in ”Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni’ serial on ‘Zee Bangla’. Another important casts are. Tomae Hridmajhare Rakhbo Actress name Priyantika Karmakar, Katha Chakraborty. Tomay Hrid majhare Rakhbo cast.

Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo Serial Story or Synopsis: Two lovebirds spend time with each other. In the meantime, another sweet girl appears on the scene. This girl also has a crush on the guy. She tries to run away but the boy doesn’t wanna lose her. So, he catches her hand and the story moves on.

Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo Serial Serial Writer, Director, Producer name: Tomay Hrid Majhare Rakhbo Director name -. Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo producer name and is producing the serial under. Tomay Hrid majhare Rakhibo serial Cast, Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo Wikipedia. Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo shooting location:

Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo SerialSerial Promo Trailer Teaser: Watch Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo serial trailer on Akash Aath You Tube Channel or TV channel. Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo teaser. Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo serial promo. Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo 1st Episode.

Serial NameTomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo Serial (তোমায় হৃদ মাঝারে রাখবো সিরিয়াল)
Cast (Actor/Actress Name)Parthibo Banerjee, Priyantika Karmakar, Katha Chakraborty
Channel NameAakash Aath
Release Date6 June, 2022
Show Time7:30 pm
Director NameTBA
Producer NameTBA
Production CompanyAkash Aath
GenreSoap Opera

Tomay Hrid Majhare Rakhbo Serial Musical Team : TBA
Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo Serial
Serial Technical Team : TBA
Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo Serial Release Date :
6 June, 2022
Tomay Hridmajhare Rakhbo
Serial Show Time: 7:30pm
Tomae Hridmajhare Rakhbo New Serial actor, actress salary:

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