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Ingen ängel (Viaplay) Cast, Wiki, Story, Release Date

Ingen ängel (Viaplay) Cast, Wiki, Story, Release Date

Ingen ängel (2023 TV Series) is an upcoming horror comedy drama on Viaplay OTT platform. Viaplay Ingen ängel trailer is already premiered on Viaplay YouTube Channel and on their official website. Ingen ängel Release Date is in May 11, 2023. Popular actress Yussra El Abdouni will lead this tv show. Friends, read this post till last to know Ingen ängel Cast, Story, Release Date, Wikipedia etc. Ingen ängel skuespillerens navn, rollebesetningen, historie, utgivelsesdato. No Angel Viaplay Cast, actress name, release date. (#Ingenängel #NoAngel #Viaplay)

Ingen ängel Cast (Actor/Actress Name)Role/Character/Act As
Yussra El AbdouniAngelina
Felicia SjöströmFanny
Miryam ErikssonAlva
Bahar ParsMamma Susanne
Edvard OlssonJeppe
David NzingaPappa Hjalle
Nicklas HanssonFilip
Doreen NdagireMiriam
Rachel MohlinFitt-Marie
Nilla HanssonCornelia

Ingen ängel TV Series Story (Synopsis): Angelina (Yussra El Abdouni) is like any other seventeen-year-old girl. She parties, smokes cigarettes, hangs out with her best friend Fanny (Felicia Sjöström Nilsson) and hangs out with boring guys to pass the time. Just a tiny problem; Angelina is a serial killer. Although she tries not to…

Ingen ängel Trailer Teaser: Watch Ingen ängel trailer on Viaplay You Tube Channel. Viaplay Ingen ängel trailer. Ingen ängel (2023) teaser, first look.

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TV Series NameIngen ängel (No Angel)
GenreHorror, Comedy
Director NameTuna Özer
WriterEliSophie Andrée, Isabelle Moreno,
Mikael Newihl
Release DateMay 11, 2023
MusicJavad Safari
Producer NameIsabelle Hulten, Camilla Rydbacken,
Hawa Sanneh, Alexander Tanno
Production CompanyViaplay Studios
Filming LocationSweden

How To Watch Ingen ängel Online? Ingen ängel TV Series watch online free is not possible. You must subscribe to Viaplay platform to watch Ingen ängel (2023 TV Series). Ingen ängel leaked online – is a fake news. Ingen ängel free download is not possible.

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