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HEADTAPS lyrics Lil Durk – 7220

HEADTAPS lyrics Lil Durk – 7220

HEADTAPS song is sung by artist Lil Durk. This Hip Hop Music lyrics is written and music produced by Lil Durk. This song is from ‘7220‘ (2022) album. If you are searching for ‘HEADTAPS’ Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. HEADTAPS Lil Durk lyrics. Lil Durk HEADTAPS lyrics. label – Alamo Records

Lil Durk “HEADTAPS” lyrics

(And I started from the bottom)
That’s what I went through, like my first life experience
TouchofTrent be wildin’ with it

Sister went on a date for the first time and I’m still pissed off
Used to talk to you before you had died, made me a lil’ soft
I still call to my momma like a lil’ baby, but I’m a big dog
Hundred-fifty mill when I’m fifty-five and that shit big y’all
Outgrew my dreads back, my head back
Twenty M’s, I hit that, run up on ’em, headtap, head lap
Fans tapped, Alexander McQueen Scarf for the head wrap
Hand traps, uploadin’ your gun, that shit don’t fed opps
Fought myself for all the shit I told him, ’cause he dead now
I was in a bad train of thought when I had my last child
Tried to give him a chance, but he back-doored on me, man, he grass now
You ever been evicted? (Big time)
You ever been addicted, oh-woah?
Your homie be your witness
Tell my momma that I’m gifted, oh-woah
I feel better rich
I’m in my cell thinkin’ ’bout my kid
Like I could be with them watchin’ Peppa Pig
Bein’ bold that he told, some shit I never did
For the fact he snaked you for some money make him the bigger bitch
I done started from the bottom, now I’m rich
Take these drugs for my problems, now I’m sick
Feel like I go through karma, shit I did
I remember ridin’ Hondas, I’m the shit
And I watch out for my dogs, ’cause my conscience sick
Watch out for my dog conscience
And he heard my conscience, he unresponsive
He heard my conscience, he unresponsive
I got a couple watches cost more than some niggas houses
I stayed in houses where my first pets was bug and mouses
I stayed in houses where it was full, we turned our beds to couches
I stayed at house with a silver spoon, that shit had turned ’em coward
I miss the old days, I miss my old ways
I miss the time where you put an X pill in a OJ
Remember the time by cousin died and I was like “No way”
Oldhead told me 300 the show, I was like “Oh, say?”
Well, oh say
Lost my cousin, that’s not okay
Lost my brother, that’s not okay
Miss my dawg and that’s not okay

(And I started from the bottom)
I go by the mood
You know what I’m sayin’, my mood gotta be there
Like if my brothers in the studio and they ain’t noddin’ they head, then I’ll erase it, know what I’m sayin’?
I’m talkin’ bout them, so they gotta feel it, know what I’m sayin’?
If I’m talkin’ bout you, and you feel it, I know the world gon’ feel it. know what I’m sayin’?
That shit made me different, I’m sorry
The Voice

Artist: Lil Durk
Lyrics: ‚ÄčLil Durk
Prod. by: Lil Durk
Album: 7220
Release Date: 11-03-2022
Label: Alamo Records
Lil Durk HEADTAPS Official Music Video Song
HEADTAPS mp3 Lil Durk.

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