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Dagr (Movie) Cast, Story, Trailer, Release Date, Review

Dagr (Movie) Cast, Story, Trailer, Release Date, Review

Dagr (2023 – 2024 Movie) is an upcoming Dark Comedy (Horror) drama on theatre and OTT platform. Dagr trailer is already premiered on YouTube Channel and on their official website. Dagr Release Date is in 2023-24. Famous actor Riz Moritz will lead this Movie. Cast of Dagr Movie 2024 details are here. Friends, read this post till last to know Dagr Cast, Story, Release Date, Wiki, Wikipedia etc. Index of Dagr Movie. (#Dagr)

Dagr Movie Cast (Actor/Actress Name)Role/Character/Act As
Riz MoritzLouise
Ellie DucklesThea
Tori Butler-HartTori
Matt BarberMatt
Emma KingEmma
Graham ButlerGray
Hattie ChapmanHattie
Luca ThompsonProfessor Ash Blake

Dagr Movie Story (Synopsis): Two young women who want to become internet celebrities pose as waitresses in a high-end clothing advertisement. The women’s secret goal is to record themselves robbing the luxury goods, donating them to individuals in need, and upload the footage to their YouTube channel. However, they find nobody there when they get there. They find an iPad that contains video of the commercial that has so far been shot, and see this as the ideal chance to put up covert cameras and begin the robbery. However, what initially appears to be a glitzy ode to Jean-Luc Goddard quickly transforms into a ghostly Blair Witch nightmare.

Dagr (Film) Review: Dagr 2023 2024 Movie review, Dagr Rating. Dagr IMDb rating will be written soon. Dagr Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Movie NameDagr
GenreDark Comedy, Drama
Creator NameTBA
Director NameMatthew Butler-Hart
WriterMatthew Butler-Hart
Release Date2023/2024
MusicTom Kane
Producer NameMatthew Butler-Hart
Tori Butler-Hart
Jonathan Halperyn
Chris Hart
Ian McKellen
Anthony Pye-Jeary
Alix Wilton Regan
Production CompanyFizz and Ginger Films
Filming LocationWales, UK

How To Watch Dagr Online: To watch Dagr Movie, you must visit the nearest theatre or subscribe to OTT platform. After the subscription, you can watch and Download Dagr Movie for free.

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