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Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi Serial (Zee Bangla) Wiki, Cast, Story, Release Date

Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi Serial (Zee Bangla) Wiki, Cast, Story, Release Date

Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi serial (Bodhisattwor Bodhbuddhi serial) is an upcoming serial in Zee Bangla TV channel. This drama revolves around a bright child named Bodhisatto. This Bangla Serial Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi release date is 4 July, 2022. Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi Promo is already shown on Zee Bangla TV channel and Zee Bangla YT channel. Actress Sonali Chowdhury will star in this serial. To know Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi New Serial actor actress, release date, please read this post till last. Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi Serial Wikipedia. (বোধিসত্ত্বর বোধবুদ্ধি সিরিয়াল জি বাংলা – #BodhisattworBodhbuddhi #ZeeBangla)

Bodhisattwor Bodhbuddhi Cast: Child actor Ryan Guha Neogi will act as Bodhi aka Bodhisarrwa in this serial. Actress Sonali Chowdhury (Sonalee Chaudhuri) will act as Bodhi’s mom in this serial. Previously, she performs as Aparna in ‘Agnipariksha Serial’ Zee Bangla. Actor Biswanath Basu will be the reel father of Bodhi and the husband of Sonali. Another important casts are Sumanta Mukhopadhyay, Samata Das, Sourav Chakraborty and many more. Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi Actress name Sonalee Chaudhuri. Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi cast. Bodhisottor Bodh Buddhi serial.

Bodhisattwor Bodhbuddhi Story or Synopsis: Child Bodhi and his family members start packing things to go for a ride. But Bodhi puts on Dhuti, Punjabi to go outside and his family members surprised. But his sissy tells him,”Bro, you forget to wear Dhoti.” Then Bodhi replies,”I don’t know how to wear Dhoti. Please, mom help me.” In this way the story will run. Now some fans reveals that Bodhisattwo has a team of 6 kiddies named Poltu, Ratan, Badol, Minu, Raju and Bodhisatta. And the team will solve some mysteries with the help of their brain. The first story is familiar to us named ‘Pore Paowa’. In this case, Bodhsatto and his team will find a cashbox and they return it to the original; owner using their brain.

Bodhisattwor Bodhbuddhi Serial Cast (Actor/Actress Name)Role/Character/Act As
Ryan Guha NeogiBodhisatto aka Bodhi
Sonali ChowdhuryBodhi Mother (Deepali Mukherjee)
Biswanath BasuBodhi Father (Pramathanath Mukherjee)
Sumanta MukherjeeBodhi Grandfather (Bhalo Dadu)
Anumegha KahaliBodhi’s sister (Munni/Basabdatta)
Mayukh MishraBodhi’s cousin (Babui)
Samata DasKalpana Mukherjee (Babui’s mother)
Sourav ChakrabortyManmatha Mukherjee (Bodhi’s uncle)
Chhanda Karanji ChattopadhyayBodhi’s grandmother
Soume ChatterjeeBodhi’s Sister
Sudipa BasuBodhi’s maternal grandmother
Sarbari MukherjeeProtima (Bodhi’s paternal aunt)
Ayanna ChatterjeeBodhi’s classmate, Srijita
Partha Sarathi DebBodhi’s Headmaster
Sanghasri Sinha MitraUttara Mukherjee (History Mam)

Bodhisattwor Bodhbuddhi Serial Writer, Director, Producer name: Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi Director name -. Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi producer name are Nispal Singh, Surinder Singh and is producing the serial under Surinder Films. Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi serial Cast, Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi Wikipedia. Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi Serial. Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi shooting location:

Bodhisattwor Bodhbuddhi Serial Promo Trailer Teaser: Watch Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi serial trailer on Zee Bangla You Tube Channel or TV channel. Bodhisottor Bodhbuddhi teaser. Badhisattor Bodhbuddhi serial promo. Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi 1st Episode.

Serial NameBodhisattwor Bodhbuddhi (বোধিসত্ত্বর বোধবুদ্ধি সিরিয়াল)
StoryJourney of a kid
Channel NameZee Bangla
Release Date4 July, 2022
Show Time10 pm (Mon-Fri)
Director NameTBA
Producer NameNispal Singh, Surinder Singh
Production CompanySurinder Films
GenreSoap Opera

Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi Serial Music Director: Upal Sengupta
Bodhisottor Bodhbuddhi
Serial Technical Team : TBA
Bodhisattor Bodhbuddhi
Serial Release Date : 4 July, 2022
Badhisattor Bodhbuddhi
Serial Show Time: 10 pm (Mon-Fri)
Bodhisattwor Bodhbuddhi
New Serial actor, actress salary: Unknown

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