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Women’s World Cup 2019: Scotland Eliminated By An Unspeakable VAR

The VAR( Video Assistant Referee)technology is great.But FIFA needs to correct the missed calls by the available technology in a very competitive and high stakes times in football.

It’s a shame that FIFA has found a path to monumentally screw that up.As a result,the hope of moving Scotland from Group stage to the knockout in Fifa Women’s World Cup 2019 is diminished.

In Wednesday’s Group-D match against Argentina,Scotland scored 3 goals before Argentina leveled 1 goal.As game proceed, Argentina got a chance to draw the match but Lee Alexander(Scotland, goalkeeper)brilliantly saved the goal to put an end.

At the same time, VAR spoiled all the the facts.

It was declared after a VAR review that Alexander crossed her line by maybe 6 inches. So,a yellow card is shown to her, and Florencia Bonsegundo(Argentina)had given another chance to shot at the penalty.

And this time,she made it to the goal and leveled (3-3)the match.And as a effect of VAR Scotland stepped down from third place to last place in he group and eliminated.

celebration in Argentina team after scoring goal against Scotland
celebration in Argentina team after scoring goal against Scotland
(photo credit: Facebook)

Now the biggest controversy is the usage of VAR in the Women’s World Cup 2019.It is really unfair of the Fifa to provide an adjustment that the goalkeepers who have trained rigorously for their entire lives and it needs so many reps for the muscle to take effect under pressure.

By the same dumb ruling, France defeated Nigeria this week.

In addition, it tells against the application of VAR.VAR should be used to discover the obvious and game changing errors.But if someone have to slow down replay and enlarge it to observe that a goalkeeper crosses her line by a few inches ,tha only spoils the game- not fix it.

Match Statistics: Scotland-3 Argentina-3

ScotlandTeam StatsArgentina
6Shots on target5
72%Pass accuracy70%
3Yellow cards1
0Red cards0

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