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WeCanGetGum Lyrics Bones – Scraps (2021) Hip Hop Album

WeCanGetGum Lyrics Bones – Scraps (2021) Hip Hop Album

WeCanGetGum song is sung by artist Bones. This Hip Hop Music lyrics is written by Bones and music produced by Lyson. This song is from Scraps (2021) album. If you are searching for ‘We Can Get Gum’ Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label – TeamSESH, EMPIRE

Bones – WeCanGetGum Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Feeling like Parlae
I lean and I rock
Chrome out shotty, bitch knuck if you buck
Like hoes in the club with stilettos, I got pumps
Stepping like fable if a problem popping up
Straight from the dirt road, got it out the mud
Your man is a pu*sy, baby, he ain’t no thug
Connected like 5g, better bite your tongue
Mouth full of blood, BONES creeping out the cut

[Verse 2]
White motherf*cker looking like 7th Heaven
90210, hair back like I’m Dylan
Stepping in my session, I’mma turn in to a felon
I didn’t wanna do it, but a voice said get ’em
Get it, got it good, now I’m chilling
UncleJessie with the fetti Stop, roadsidе kick it
LED digits
Brushed steel finished
Either way you wеigh it out, BONES be the illest

Song: WeCanGetGum
Artist: BONES
Lyrics: BONES
Prod. By: Lyson
Release Date: 26-11-2021

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