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Vizianagaram People Looking forward To Cyclone Fani

The people of vizianagaram are facing so many droughts and shortage of drinking water, generally welcome cyclone fani.This particular city in Andhra Pradesh faces a huge water crisis which has never been observed in the last 50 years. Vizianagaram city requires 45 million liters water per day for 4 lakh people but gets only 15 MLD. All important rivers including Champavati, Jhanjhavati, tributaries and tanks dried up completely.

So, in this sense, the people are wholeheartedly welcoming storm Fani which will bring not only storm but also heavy rainfall.

DSP Lingam, a resident of cantonment said,” Cyclone is a blessing in disguise for all the people of Vizianagaram.Groundwater may be filled with the expected rainfall in couple of days. Apartment dwellers who depend on groundwater mostly are really waiting for downpour.”

peoples of vizianagaram
peoples of vizianagaram

Vizianagaram collector M. Hari Jawaharlal also thinks the rainfall caused by cyclone also recharge the tanks.He also added that they could overcome drinking water crisis in the districts and other parts of the districts if the district gets sufficient rainfall in the upcoming couple of days. He also ordered the department concerned to take proper actions for the optimum utilisation of drinking water.

And he also went to villages like Chepala Kancheru, Mukkam,Chintapalli & other villages which are nearer to sea-coast.He actually observed the cyclone fani control preparations of the administration.

Collector sahib thinks villages like Pusapatirega,Bhogapuram, Cheepurupalli, Denkada, Garividi, Gurla and Nellimarla mandals will be more affected. In earlier Titli cyclone caused huge damage in villages of various blocks like Gumma Lakshmipuram, Jiyyammavalasa and Komarada blocks compared to coastal areas.So he doesn’t want to watch same thing happening again . And so control rooms were made in all the blocks and special teams would control the situation carefully.

SP of vizianagaram sri A.R.Damodar told that the police department would take necessary steps to clear the traffic on state and national highways. In case of emergency, rescue and relief operations will be performed by Coast Guard, Marine,Fire services, NDRF and other departments.

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