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Save Me from Myself lyrics wifisfuneral – New Rap Music

Save Me from Myself lyrics wifisfuneral – New Rap Music

Save Me from Myself song is sung by artist wifisfuneral. This Rap Music lyrics is written and music produced by wifisfuneral. This song is from album. If you are searching for ‘Save Me from Myself’ Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label –

wifisfuneral “Save Me from Myself” lyrics

[Verse 1]
Let me see what’s good with you and your friend
We can fuck all night ‘til the end
Pop it slow, I swallow on X
Livin’ live I’ve far too fetched
Wear your body out, so complex
Break it down, I don’t need no stress
On your knees, could you feel it in your chest
I’m a demon when I’m eatin’ on the flesh
I was creepin’ in the scene with a black four fifth
Ain’t pussy hoe please baby make no mess
Got me tangled like a net, from the way that we mesh
Imma hit it like a kick in the spot no flex
Broke ass niggas ain’t got no shits
How you a opp when you ain’t on piss
Bodies gotta drop when I feel disrespect
Baby girl ride when you stand on ten
Feel like I was down when the blue perc split
Lost in her eye and I can’t hear shit
Three stripes like adidas and I love my bitch
Three stripes like adidas and I love my bitch

[Verse 2]
Yeah, aye, yuh
Oh, you bad and you dangerous?
Get me higher than angel dust
We can’t act like we’re strangers or nothing
Grip her waist, grip her face while we fuckin’
Listen baby, [?]
That right there, when I’m in my peak
Lil Zay known ’round the block, he a tweak
[?], break it down to her knees
I’m like lil momma, please suck the tip before you leave
Take her soul for the feast, I was hungry to eat
I’m like damn, the dumb thot don’t get it
I’m like damn, why the opps gotta spin it
I’m like damn, we were really just chillin’
But a couple dumb niggas they done ended up missing
We send the spirits, they say its good riddance
He think he playing but never get menace
[?] was playing on the low, I was chillin’
Them bullets they running like [?] how we X him
He never was safe, he was fake, [?]
Now my bitch drop it low and she cause an erection

Song Name: Save Me from Myself
Artist: wifisfuneral
Lyrics: ​​wifisfuneral
Prod. By: wifisfuneral
Release Date: 21-12-2021

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