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Quebec Lyrics Bones – Scraps (2021) Hip Hop Album

Quebec Lyrics Bones – Scraps (2021) Hip Hop Album

Quebec song is sung by artist Bones. This Hip Hop Music lyrics is written by Bones and music produced by Lyson. This song is from Scraps (2021) album. If you are searching for ‘Quebec’ Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label – TeamSESH, EMPIRE

Bones – Quebec Lyrics

Diamonds hit different colours
How I glisten, guess she love it
In the hills, with my brothers
Same blood, different mothers
Say you love it
Then you cover
I cannot do either of ’em
Buck knife, gut ’em, dump ’em
B go ahead, roll a blunt [?]
Hoodie on in the summer
Got that nina with us
Snow flakes on the dash
Dope running up through my system
I cannot forget the past
But I’ll never miss it
I was down, down bad
Had to complete the mission

Damn, what a shame
Boy your life is too depressing
Doing nada, rocking prada
Trynna get attention
That’ll never work
Focus on your shit
Get it out the dirt
Prove to me you ain’t no bitch

Song: Quebec
Artist: BONES
Lyrics: BONES
Prod. By: Lyson
Release Date: 26-11-2021

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