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Peng Shimeng Is The Great Wall Of China

Key Facts:
1.She(Peng Shimeng) earned Player Of the Match award with her performance against Spain
2.Surely, clean sheet assisted Steel Roses reach last 16.
3.Peng has admitted one goal in four and a half hours of Fifa Women’s World Cup 2019 so far.

For would be goalkeepers,the number one icon is surely Manuel Neuer.Obviously, he is a great inspiration for China’s Peng Shimeng.

no doubt Peng Shimeng Is The Great Wall Of China
no doubt Peng Shimeng Is The Great Wall Of China

“What I laud the most about are not only his brilliant skills but also the confidence and calmness inside him.He is always clear about what’s going on on the field, and that’s what I wish to be.” Peng told after her great performance against Spain.

She managed to stay calm in a high pressure match against La Roja and it is an outstanding skill of her just like her idol.She failed nine sure shots of the fierce strike.And her saves assisted China to get the point which can take them to the next. Fans on social media declared her as “The Great Wall Of China”.

calm and confidence in peng shimeng
calm and confidence in peng shimeng

“You need certain level of leadership to be a good goalkeeper and I am not natural for this.I’m also lot of younger than most of the players in the squad, especially the defenders.Initially, I hesitated to give them instructions but my teammates always said me not to worry about this. After all, I’m a goalkeeper,” Peng revealed. Her teammates also described her as “silly bean”,”shy” etc.

She concluded,”In the Fifa WC, player Of the match award is just the beginning, it’s an inspiration to perform better in the future.”

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