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Kiara Advani Reveals Her Boyfriend

Kiara Advani is making huge success in her career.Once she began her journey with some small roles but today she is one of the top heroines in the Bollywood industry.Her fame rejuvenates after her outstanding portrayal in Karan Johar’s short film and she gets so much attraction from the crowd.In a recent interview, she expressed about her longest relationship and how she has managed the break-up and they are still friends.”I have been in a proper relationship only once and as I grow up with him and we’re still friends,” Kiara revealed.

Further she added,”I feel pain in the phase of self-destruction in a relationship.”And when the representative wanted to know about her dating rumors with actor Sidharth Malhotra, she said,”Currently I am single but would say – never say never.” To read in bengali, click here.

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