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Adrenaline lyrics The Shape – The Age of Doom and Fear (2021)

Adrenaline lyrics The Shape – The Age of Doom and Fear (2021)

Adrenaline song is sung by artist The Shape. This Rock Music lyrics is written and music produced by The Shape. This song is from The Age of Doom and Fear (2021) rock music album. If you are searching for ​’Adrenaline’ Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label – 2021 The Shape

The Shape “Adrenaline” lyrics

On the edge, I punch a whole in the wall.
My Muscles twitch, my body’s aching, and my skin… it starts to crawl.
The room is spinning, but there’s nowhere to go.
Either down in a hole or a loss of all control!

I know it’s catching up to me…
I’m all pent up with anxiety.
I need something else to deviate.
To fill the void that’s driving me insane.


My heart is racing and I’m loose on the street.
Like a Lion salivating at the first sight of meat:
Feral, wild and I’m looking for fun.
Or the first motherfu*ker that’ll start shit up.

And now it all comes down to this:
Broken bones and bloody fists.
Try to cage me inside, and I’ll eat you alive.
I Refuse. Resist. Now die.


It’s my right to reign.
It’s my right to complain.
It’s my right to die in vain.
It’s my right…
Vanity’s a bitch!

(Solo: Carlino)

It’s my right to fight.
It’s my right to loot.
It’s my right to kill.
It’s constitutional, right?!

Sitting back in the rear of the car with my hand and feet shackled and I’m looking at bars.
Avert your eyes, kid, there’s nothing to see.
I’m just a man on a mission looking for release.

Excuses lies and baited truths are all the same to scum like you.
All you had to do was give it time.
Just wait it out.
But now you’re serving nine.


I wasn’t meant for this world!
I wasn’t meant for this world!

Song Name: Adrenaline
Artist: The Shape
Composed by: The Shape
Lyrics: ​​The Shape
Prod. by: The Shape
Album: The Age of Doom and Fear (2021)
Release Date: 29-11-2021
Label: 2021 The Shape

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