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59th & Bethany Lyrics Ray Vaughn – TDE

59th & Bethany Lyrics Ray Vaughn – TDE

59th & Bethany song is sung by artist Ray Vaughn. This Rap Music lyrics is written and music produced by Ray Vaughn. This song is from. If you are searching for ’59th & Bethany’ Song Lyrics English Font, this is the right post for you. label – Top Dawg Entertainment

Ray Vaughn “59th & Bethany” lyrics

Sometimes I just, you know,
sit back and reflect about the times
when I was on 59th and Bethany 
when everything was bad
Now look at me now, I’m like, “Damn”

For three months straight I was sleeping on an air mattress
I was assed out like my pants saggin’
Doing bad but if you ask me I’m doing fantastic
Once I got bands they try hoppin’ on the bandwagon
Behind on all my bills ’cause I ain’t think ahead
Relationship won’t goin’ nowhere, I was unprepared
Cyclops, when she fucked her ex man, had me seein’ red
She hear him, she hear me, we [?]
Womеn I treated like go-tos arе old news
Like old shoes, when I step, I make souls move
Tunnel vision, I vent about what I go through
So don’t compare me to old dude, nah, nah
See, y’all was hot for a second, y’all got a microwave
The difference between me and them is night and day
Waited a long time for my turn, I had to write of way
The ones I know love me got my back like a license plate
Was a lowlife, now I’m living in a higher place
You don’t want smoke like a fireplace
I was carryin’ arms, I was throwin’ my life away
This the type of pain bring tears you can’t wipe away
You gain better vision when you livin’ in darkness
Now the ball is in my court and my shootin’ is flawless
Like Obama work done but I’m still in the office
Reminiscin’ ’bout them times that I lived in apartment
222, 59th and Bethany home
Datin’ somebody who thought she could never be wrong
Ten Commandments, what she said is settin’ in stone
I woulda never made it if I had left her alone
I woulda never started rapping in the car if she ain’t cheat
I woulda never seen me get a million views in like a week
I woulda never made a name for myself and became unique
I woulda never opened my eyes fully, I woulda peaked
I couldn’t fathom it, had me feelin’ inadequate
Kinda got used to not having shit
It ain’t nothing funny bout my past but I look back and I laugh at it
Car crash, I know this shit ain’t happen by accident
The main character, now watch out for the antagonist
Long talks with God but still I’m the devil’s advocate
Protection from myself, I had to go get a amulet
They all said, “Fuck me,” but didn’t know I was abstinent
Whippin’ the Elantra, my momma had got evicted
Shit I was living with her right after I got convicted
That’s probably why I adjust better than liquid
I make a exit to forget you existed, yeah, yeah
The load I had to carry had my back hurtin’
Shit, I barely made the cut like a black surgeon
And who I was on 59th, I ain’t that version
A lot of shit under my belt like a fat person
That soft side of me ,I probably never show again
They picture dirty when I treat ’em like they only fans
I understand that there’s a difference between now and then
I’m just in a reflection state, that’s word to Lisa Vann
Shit, I was on live with Lisa earlier
And we was talkin’ ’bout the reflection state, you know
So I just, reflect, I had to look at myself in the mirror, like
“Damn, you did it nigga”
Five years ago, you was on 59th & Bethany home
On the air mattress
Now you in your daughter’s bed, like
Fuckin’ writin’ verses in a house in the Hills, it’s crazy

Song Name: 59th & Bethany
Artist: Ray Vaughn
Lyrics: ​​Ray Vaughn
Prod. By: Ray Vaughn
Release Date: 24-12-2021
Label: Top Dawg Entertainment

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